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Over 20 years of experience! Since our inception in 1997 Calcorp Services has focused exclusively on providing a specialised pressure cleaning and graffiti removal services throughout the greater Melbourne metropolitan region. By the early 2000’s Calcorp earned its reputation as Victoria’s foremost pressure cleaning/graffiti removal company and in 2002 became the first pressure cleaning company to achieve Environmental Certification.

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Calcorp has recently added two electric vehicles to our growing fleet of specialised cleaning vehicles. We are committed to continuing to shift our fleet to an Electric Vehicle fleet. These new vehicles have improved drivability, range, battery life and serviceability which will equate to improved efficiencies in the delivery of our services.

We exclusively use the GuardIT Solutions range of cleaning products that are the safest, environmentally friendly and effective products available. The Soy Safe GuardIT range of products which are the world’s first, environmentally friendly and effective range of graffiti removers, sealers and cleaning products.


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