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Every year, Australian governments, businesses and homeowners spend millions of dollars on chemical compounds, pressure cleaning services and expert graffiti removal consultation. Unfortunately, none of these actually solve the problem at hand. No matter how thoroughly or frequently you remove graffiti, there’s no guarantee you won’t wake up the next day to find the same surface defaced all over again. Calcorp anti-graffiti coatings don’t just clean up, they solve the real problem. Any graffiti applied over our protective layers either won’t take, or will wash up easily and without a trace.

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Protective Coatings

Calcorp Services is on the frontline of anti-graffiti technology. Every single one of our protective coatings, for any surface, comes with a full range of benefits you won’t find anywhere else.

Long-lasting and surface-bonding. We have Australia’s widest range of anti-graffiti coatings. This lets us find the perfect one for any surface and any type of graffiti. When coupled with our experience, we can provide longer lasting and more effective protection than anyone else. Tailoring the product to the surface will provide a chemical bonding effect. In other words, we don’t just cover the surface with an anti-graffiti layer, we actually make the surface itself graffiti-resistant.

Full weather resistance. Our protective coatings can be used in any climate. They’re completely frost resistant and able withstand subzero temperatures, while simultaneously being Ultra-violet stable, resistant to all common radiation spectrums and capable of tolerating the hottest weather Australia has to offer without suffering any loss of functionality.

Environmentally Friendly. Our solvent-free protective coatings have a minimal environmental impact when compared to other equivalents. They last longer, meaning less regular applications are needed, while they also give off fewer by-products during the natural degradation process. This makes them perfectly suited for use in gardens and high-traffic zones, where unnecessary contaminants can damage the plant life or otherwise pose a health risk.

High Quality

Complete Solution

Hydrophobic, oleophobic and more. It resists water, paint, grease, oil, acids and anything else someone might use to deface your property.

Non-sacrificial hard surface. We offer unparalleled scratch protection that won’t get worn away by corrosives or sheer perseverance.

Solvent-free and low odour. Quicker and easier application every time.

Matte finishes. You won’t get any unwanted gloss or sheen, letting you preserve the natural appearance of any surface at its best.

Varied application methods. Our protective coatings can be applied with brush, roller or airless spray, allowing for easy and complete protection anywhere.

Complete residue prevention. Some protective coatings will resist most graffiti, but won’t prevent the formation of residue. Our coatings ensure that even the worst graffiti won’t leave the slightest trace.

Easy-cleaning and product resistant. It won’t get washed away accidentally, meaning you can apply any products and cleaning methods to the surface without the risk of removing the layer. It will even resist pressure washers.

Growth-prevention. The incorporation of specific compounds means our anti-graffiti coatings will prevent the formation of fungus, moss, mould and any other unwanted growth.

Weather protection. A must for older buildings, Calcorp coatings improve the durability of any surface by offering a wide range of weather resistance. Ultraviolet and infrared protection prevent sun bleaching, while the hydrophobic surface is essential for any exterior porous surface.

Tailored for any needs on any surface. We don’t try to offer any one-size-fits all coatings. All our solutions are tailored to both the surface and your particular protective requirements. This is what makes them not only last longer, but also provide superior protection.


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