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Building Restoration Services

Building restoration is the process of renewing and refurbishing the interior and exterior surfaces of a building, including walls, signs, facades, walkways and just about anything that gets damaged over time. Different building materials have varying levels of susceptibility to dirt and damage, and some in particular require restoration more than others. A lot of structures can go decades without needing an exterior restoration, but other buildings, and some specific surfaces, require more regular assessments.


Protective Coatings

Calcorp’s specialised equipment, advanced protective coatings and unmatched expertise has given us the ability to restore anything. That’s why we’re entrusted with the cleaning and maintenance of countless public artworks, heritage listed buildings, architecturally unique structures and public spaces.

High pressure cleaning equipment can cause severe damage to aging and porous surfaces when improperly used, which is why it’s vital to seek out only the best service providers to handle such areas. We’re proud to be maintaining Melbourne’s iconic landmarks and take our responsibilities here very seriously. We bring the same level of attention to all our protective coatings and restoration services, so when you use Calcorp you know you’re getting the very best.

If your building exterior is aged, grimy, cracking or home to unwanted vegetation, it’s important to address these issues quickly, before they cause any more damage. Calcorp will not only apply expert restoration techniques, but can also offer a range of protective coatings and regular maintenance options to save you time and money.


Solutions for All Materials

Structures in areas with heavy smoke, traffic or industrial pollution. While heavy pollution generally won’t cause advanced decay in most buildings, it will leave unsightly discolouring and a permanent layer of grime. Calcorp can provide advice, cleaning services and whatever protective coatings are needed to both restore and maintain these buildings as they were meant to be.

Granite, sandstone and limestone. These natural stones absorb a lot of pollutants, dirt and grime over time. They’re also more likely to suffer water damage and other forms of weathering over the years. Apart from being unsightly, this can also affect their structural integrity. For all exterior areas surfaced with these, and some heavy-traffic interior areas, it’s important to seek regular cleaning and condition assessments.

Old brickwork. Very common in heritage buildings, but also a lot of newer structures, old bricks are a lot more porous than most recent construction materials. This factor, coupled with their age, makes building restoration vital wherever old bricks form a surface. Thorough cleaning and the application of a protective coating can add years to their lifespan


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